Solar Power Runs the Planet

It's kind of funny that we still search for energy solutions. Even within circles of change-makers, we hear discussions about the most promising technology. Even alternative people sometimes believe we would need nuclear power or natural gas or such.

Isn't it obvious that all energy comes from the sun? Wind is created by thermal air layers. All water flows because the sun was evaporating it before. All wood and all biomass is growing thanks to our great star. Without exception, all energy on Earth comes from the sun!

Using only one percent of the desert areas for solar energy harvesting would provide the planet thousand times more energy than needed at the moment. And we need a lot. This knowledge is not new but also not popular for reasons we can imagine.

Probably the most beautiful thing about solar technology is that everyone can use it right away. No need to wait for magical inventions and no need to depend on big industries. You can start using the sun today. Some examples of solar technology for small scale use:

  • Solar dehydrator
  • Solar oven
  • Scheffler mirror
  • Solar cooker
  • Solar water heating
  • And many more...

You find astonishing examples of solar applications. It is the most direct and clean way to harvest energy per definition. Years ago, I had a heavy inspiration:

Either we are friend with the sun or she turns into our greatest enemy.

Let's better use her incredible potential. For free!

The sunlight takes over 8 minutes of space travel until reaching Earth. Only a minimal fragment of all the light the sun shines into all directions makes the way to our planet. And this small fragment is still ten thousand times more than all energy needs of humanity. Any more questions?!

Have a sunny future!