Let's Dance with Nature

The sun runs the planet. The result is soil. Great healthy, fertile topsoil. Hopefully! People who are understanding nature as a vibrant dance of energies know what good soil means. Imagine all the topsoil on the planet, all the micro life, the fungi, the bacteria, all the power of life!

Emancipation from the bondage of the soil is no freedom for the tree.

Rabindranath Tagore

Now also imagine how much topsoil was poisoned and devastated in the last decades and centuries. Even conservative statistics show dramatic percentages. The main reason again: Destructive industrial land use at global scale.  

A rough calculation of current rates of soil degradation suggests we have about 60 years of topsoil left. Some 40% of soil used for agriculture around the world is classed as either degraded or seriously degraded – the latter means that 70% of the topsoil, the layer allowing plants to grow, is gone.

TIME 2012, What If the World’s Soil Runs Out?

What a luck that permaculture was invented. Invented?!

Permaculture is a new word for an old wisdom of how to collaborate with nature. Before civlisations made survival possible by supermarkets, everyone did care about collaborating with nature. Either nature was growing food or no food was on the plate. Now machinery and chemistry is ruling nature, obviously with little success.

Typical chapters of permaculture are formulated, some of them are famous and no chapter of life is excluded. Permaculture tries to integrate human life into the natural flow. Permaculture is not square and not linear, it's not trivial and not complicated. It's like nature, a never ending story about all aspects of life.

Thousands of farmers successfully apply principles and patterns from the incredible collection within permaculture. It's not just agriculture. It is a universe of practical information.