Truthful Media Rocks!

Information is so abundant and available in our globalized world. Much of it is shit. The criteria for good media is truthfulness. Even good entertainment is truthful in some sense. No one wants a complete fake - at least some rest of illusion of truthfulness is kept.

We want media truthful and it may have some relevance. The relevance can be to teach something, to be entertaining, or just to be good for relaxation.

Good media is truthful and relevant.

Here comes non-fiction, which seems of high quality to me. The media you find here is selected.

Bad media can be a serious danger to our understanding of the world, unless the consumer does have the criticism needed. Stupid industries produce stupid media, using intelligent people for stupid purposes. Either be able to realize which media is stupid or take care with media. Psychologists, marketing specialists, producers, and designers know very well about the law of attraction.

Good media offers space for perspectives, tries to be complete in its meaning, and easy to understand. High quality media is astonishing and real and leaves us a bit cleverer than before. Many great media productions are available and much too often, they receive much too little attention. Let me present you with some of my golden nuggets.

Decide yourself. And have fun!!