Ecovillage as an Answer

Taking in account that our global systems are 'out of order' on multiple levels, we might ask twice:

What can solve our problems?

We all know the problems, right?! They have also a personal perspective. Let me mention some:

  • Isolation, depression, frustration, misunderstanding, disrespect.
  • War of nations, war of political and religious interests, fear, control, and scarcity.
  • Fight for money and fear of lose money and property.
  • Death of nature and species, more and more artificial food-production machinery.

Okay, I'll stop, but don't say you don't see it. There is a lot, a lot, going wrong!!

So, what (the fuck) can help in this mess of multiple failure?

Find this out for yourself. Find it out sooner rather than later. Find the solution if you can and go for it. And please find a good solution that works and which people actually like to go for.

And when you have found it, please tell everyone. Well, here we meet. Here we are. I try to tell you and everyone about a solution that is not only working but also great, comfortable, feasible, even relatively easy. And it is free of any political or religious claims.

The solution is: dadaaa... Communities in any form. Living together. Eating together. Working together. Growing food together. Buying together. Sharing. Seeing each other. Celebrating. ...

The solution in its essence is called: Ecovillage!

Find out about this.

Don't tell our children we haven't known better.

Check it out for a fantastic future together!