3. Jan. 2017: Last entry

I knew I would be lazy with the blog, and I was right. Well, in 3 weeks I fly home and anyway my focus is on my computer work and I am not really here, in India. Thats alright, I am kind of happy to come home. Things here do not work, sometimes I feel challenged not to feel annoyed. 

And the sun is shining. Even though the next nice beach is so far, that I am not willing to do the journey (15 km here is far and means a serious risk to ones life), I enjoy sun every day.

Life is good. I am in Auroville doing a work that is very align with the values of Auroville. With my computer science I serve the divine consciousness. 

Well yes, and happy new year. (Referring to ~ 21. of Dez, solistice, the solar new year, the real new year!)