20. Nov. 2016 Getting ready

The last week I was doing some work for GEN that I promissed to do a month ago. Because of my broken computer and the travels it was delayed. It was the last point on my todo-list before I could focus on EXALOT fully. Wow, it was not easy, it took me three days to restore lost data into a very complex Drupal-system. I was about to give up sometimes, it was kind of symbolic to me. All those years I had to do things I did not feel to do, often it felt so hurtful not to be able to focus on my holy mission. And then, at friday, I finished it. Yuhuu. I was happy, and many others are happy it's done. 

So, now, I am getting ready to fulfill my karma. EXALOT will be presented to Auroville in the best way I can. I already made some good connections. The general mood here is great: Open to new technology, curious and technically savy. In a way it feels like it all comes together, as if the universe wanted everything to be here now, as I am just a servitor for something so much bigger thats about to happen. Well. I keep myself as I keep EXALOT: Small and simple! And I feel this most beautiful of all feelings: Being part of something epic!!

And its work waiting for me. Work on all levels. Finishing the semantic part of the interpretor, creating a nice complete documentation, updating the websites and getting into the legal part of setting up an international nonprofit, putting down the user interface. It's all planned and prepared. I just have to finish it and I feel so ready for it.

In the meanwhile I keep exploring Auroville and meeting nice people. At monday I give myself a therapeutic massage. Here are quite some healers around. I want them to check my body that I need a lot for work and fun. Yes, I am having fun. I am happy, I am smiling. I basically feel very healthy and strong even tough my stomage rebels sometimes, but thats normal in a country like India.

The pictures above show a Yin/Jang mandala in place called Joy community here. And the other shows big Granitophones made at a Auroville unit called Svaram that employs lots of people creating musical instruments. This project was set up and run by an Austrian fellow called Aurelio. Again, a very nice person. I love people doing great things!