16. Nov. 2016 Progress and Beauty

I am falling in love with Auroville. It has so much to offer. The recent days I was attending a Sanskrit workshop (see the picture) that was taking place in a building called 'Tibetian temple'. The second picture was made from the window of the workshop down into the center of this gorgeous temple. The architecture of many buildings (specially the public and international ones) is really astonishing here in this huge cluster of settlements in this forested area, all together called Auroville.

And not only the buildings but also the people are beautiful. I have felt lot's of authentic spirituality and heart-touching vulnerability among the hundreds of Aurovillians I have met so far. The onces I was talking with all were very welcoming and sharing from their heart. Well, I might be biased, overwhelmed from this huge project that is new to me. New things fascinate easily. It's easy to fall in love into things and people that is new. It's nature that attracts us to what we did not know before. It's curiosity, progress, growth and evolution. AND it is consciousness, concentration and will to keep loving what we know much too well. I have seen Aurovillians loving their ideals (specially Mother and Sri Aurobindos energies) after decades of working hard and getting back 'little'.

And you know what: I feel a Yes to become Newcomer in Auroville. To be willing to join this project, the city that the earth needs. And, this thought is fresh and I have some conditions in mind. I want to be able to keep working on EXALOT mainly. This is how I can serve the Divine Consciousness and Human Unity and also Auroville best.

I am glad I did the Sanskrit workshop, even tough it much to sophisticated for me. Most of the other attendees have studied Sanskrit over years already. But I could listen to the sound of Sanskrit, listen to people discussing the grammar rules by Panini, the descended god of the linguists. And I was able to understand so much better what Sanskrit really is and how it relates to EXALOT. I have written an article about 'What EXA did learn from Sanskrit'.

Today I am busy with my computer helping out a organization. The resent days I was improving some EXALOT resources and working on the EXA language documentation. See the beautiful core of the language. I am very proud of having found this holy snowflake.

I am very glad I decided to come to Auroville so far.