6. Nov. 2016: Slowly slowly arriving

Wow, India keeps me busy. I had to organize a bicycle, therefor I went to Pondicherry again on this crazy road. The first picture shows a normal traffic situation from the confi seat of a tuk tuk. Now I am proud of my new bike, I think I got a good deal. 50 Euro and I can sell it in three month for about the same price.

I am not perfectly happy with my place where I stay because at night I hear Indian villagers having party and some theft happens sometimes and there is no wifi. But, I can't have everything and my sweet little hut has also upsides to it: During day very silent, lots of private sphere, just the perfect size for me, Jungle feeling, ... And the owner is really nice, I knew her from Ecovillage meetings in the past.

At the moment I am struggeling with getting money out of the cash machines (They wont give me some) and finding mobile internet that works at my place. BSLN, the Indian phone company would not give me a SIM card unless I am registered Aurovillian a.s.o. lots of strange troubles I overcome step by step. Today my new computer comes but I dont have the money to pay, so, lets see what I do about that. 

When I am settled I will update my blog more regularly I hope. Viva India!