2. Nov. 2016 I have arrived

The last two days were challenging, I needed to organize a stable good internet, a new computer and a place to stay 3 month. At some point I was about to give up, and then, like a miracle, everything turned out well. Above the solar kitchen in a cafe called 'Terrace' (first picture) the internet is perfect, about 4 MBit download speed, thats better than at home :) It costs a bit, but not much. And the cafe has amazing things to offer, organic and cheap. And some IT people I met trough an Austrian Aurovillian called Otto  helped me to order a new computer, it will arrive in a week. 

Then, only my biggest problem was still there: I needed to find a place to stay until end of January. It is easy to find a place for November, but December the season starts and for January really everything was booked already. 4 days I was riding around with bicycle (second picture) and then with motorbike, visting all guesthouses and private homestays that exist in Auroville. You see at the picture how bad the bicycles are here. My bum did hurt sooo much. Riding motorbike is really dangerous here, soecially for me, because traffic is at the left side (English way) and Indians drive sooo fast, and nobody carries a helmet, they don't even know what helmet means. Once I had to drive to Pondicherry, to get a SIM-Card. I am soooo happy that I survived, there was soooo much traffic, you see it at the third picture, but reality is even worse.

And then, very late yesterday, far out in the woods, I was searching for a place that somebody recommended to me. I was driving and driving and searching around at those little dirt roads around Auroville and I could not find it. I was about to give up, but then some Indian girls helped me and finally I found the place. And guess what: The owner, Ambra, knows me from GEN conferences in Italy and Purtugal. She said, Look, the crazy Austrian. She has a fantastic place for me, just what I was searching for. I am soooo happy now.

With one sentence: I love it here!! 

Great nature, great people, great community, great food, wow, wow. Let's see what comes next.