30. Oct. 2016 My first day in Auroville

It started with Papaya. That is my favourite fruit for breakfast. Yes, papaya, and since then the day went on being great. Well, my bum hurts a bit since I was cycling so much around. Yesterday already I tried to find a great place to stay for 3 month, something with silence, safety, internet and basic comfort. I was lucky in the first half hour and found Sonyas place with a few sweet huts to stay. Wow, India is sooo cheap. Today I did not find places that attracted me, but all my visits were interesting.

I have seen some Tamil villages and lots of shrines and temples. The picture shows some saint, seemingly a very cool one :). It's sooo dirty, but there is some fantatsic feeling around. Spirituality feels as natural here as drinking beer in Germany. Something already catched me, I am very happy to have the honor to meet this culture. I feel welcome by lots of smiling faces. Random people stare at me or talk to me or just send me a smile. Something is really different here than in the Western world. Tomorrow I will borrow a motorbike and look around in a wider circle.