29. Oct. 2016 Arriving in India for my first time

The flight from Vienna to Abu Dhabi was great, spacious, good pre-ordered veggi-food, nice seat neighbors, ... But the flight from Abu Dhabi to Chennai was the worst one I ever had. Luckily only 4 hours, I was squezed in between two Indian workers who fly home once a year from working hard in the oil industries far away from their families. The quite friendly man at the left side tried to speak with me (very broken English plus some physical problem with his toungh), but I could not concentrate on what he said because he did stink soo much. I tried to listen and be friendly, but it made no sense to me. Finally he gave up and started watching a movie. The person right to me became broader and broader turing his sleep, I felt trapped like a skinny boy between to real men who know what real work means.