28. Oct. 2016 Flying to India

This is the first blog entry in my first blog I ever started. Let's see if I can/want keep up with infos about my three month India trip.

Well, I startet in Vienna. It was cold and windy (normal). I made my VISA to enter India. That was kind of tricky, I had to fill in an electronic form first, print it, add a photo exactly 51mm*51mm and appear in person at a consulate called BLS somewhere in the center of Vienna. Funny: the boy at the printshop printed two times 51cm*51cm, ten times too big. I got this posters with my serious face (India requests a serious facial expression) for free. No idea what to do with them until I become famous. :)

My flight had a stop in Abu Dhabi, I had to wait about 4 hours. I was amazed to find first class leather sofas and did hang out quite some time (super confi).