The more that I give...

The more that I give, the more I have to give.

Volunteering for a cultural association, playing the waiter, I once found out an interesting truth: The one who serves is the one who leads. Serving makes leaders.

I am happy with my skills, trained over 15 years serving for a better place. Before I became changemaker I worked in a research lab after attending a university and a higher technological college.


IT-skills on many levels: microprocessor, Unix, Windows, mobile, frameworks, database engineering, web, human-computer-interaction and knowledge management
Focus on IT-needs for NGO's and communities: Contact management, internal IT-infrastructure, online interaction, social media, newsletter, etc.
German (native), English (elaborating), Spanish (satisfactory)
Collective leadership: Organisational structures, decision making, social tools. 
Natural solar passive and tropical architecture. Solar-thermal applications. Appropriate technology.
Networking, culture and fair economy, entrepreneurship.
Philosophy and philosophical healing