Information Refines Energy

All matter can be explained with our understanding of energy. Everything is energy.

For decades, a new awareness is arising: We are moving into the information society. Worldwide, the use of computers has spread. Even in Africa's rural areas, the use of smartphones has become normality. Personal computers did not exist only a few decades ago. Now, a global coverage of information systems is near. IT (information technology) is becoming the leading element in our daily lives.

Humanity has conquered IT and IT has conquered humanity. A future on Earth is a future with computers.

The digital revolution is an epic step in evolution, maybe the most significant step for thousands of years.

Philosophy has a job again: Information ethics is a burning topic. We need to define how IT treats humans.

Our common worldview is challenged again: What is more fundamental, energy or information? Is consciousness creating reality? Is god a universal energy of consciousness? Is everything made out of information? Did our ancestors anticipate the universal quality of information when they said:

In the beginning was the Word.

Let's have a closer look on the nature of information:

  • A piece of information is an observable energy-pattern.
  • The observer's energy reflects the observed energy pattern. Observation modifies the observer.
  • Observers can observe external energy or the energy within the observer.
  • The observed reflection of an energy-pattern is an energy-pattern as well. If the observer is human, we call observed information knowledge. Otherwise, we call it data.
  • If knowledge is abstracted into a more general knowledge, we call it understanding. Deep understanding we call wisdom.

Energy, information, data, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. And feeling! Deep understanding is rewarded by the brain with happiness hormones. An epiphany can lead to orgasmic feelings. Mental masturbation seems possible and even useful.    

Back to the fundamental question here: What is reality made of? Information or energy? Matter or consciousness?

  • Either the universe is eternal or it is limited and part of the eternal.
  • If the eternal is an observer, it can only observe itself because infinity has no outside.
  • Only if all eternal energy is both observer and observable, it is possible that information equals energy.
  • We know that the eternal is energy but we do not know if it is observer energy. We might never know because we can neither observe the eternal from inside completely nor observe it from outside at all.
  • If our universe is a limited system within the eternal, then it is possible that all universal energy is observed, part of an observer, or even created through observation.
  • A cosmic observer (god) could observe a whole universe or just a few galaxies or solar systems.   
  • The sun itself, burning energy over billions of years, could incidentally have formed observer energy.
  • Planet Earth is full of observer energy. All animals and plants obviously are capable of observing in many ways.
  • Observation is found in primitive organisms already. Nature created observation because information helps (life to survive).
  • All the planet as one being (Gaia theory) could have more observer energy than we recognized so far.

Some conclusions: Reality is made of energy. Some, or all, energy is information as well. We know that observations exist on planet Earth but we do not know if everything observed is just an illusion created by some god. We will never know until such a god unveils it.

If the eternal is an observer creating the illusion of reality, it still is reality because the eternal is all that exists.

Know thyself.

Understanding yourself means understanding the eternal and vice versa. We are observers made of energy. The eternal is the only absolutely real thing without any doubt. I am personally not interested in illusions and gods between me and the eternal.

I am interested in a survival of planet Earth. I am interested in useful knowledge and wisdom. I am interested in information technology that serves people and nature.

Humanity needs IT that helps to overcome stupidity!

It is stupid not to strive for wisdom. It is stupid to help destroying someone's own home. It is stupid to let us reduce ourselves to consumers. The global dominance of destructive industries is stupid. Not living our potentials and letting us be treated like numbers is stupid.

We are observers, capable of observing useful knowledge and wisdom. We are creating realities within our minds. Observing does model the outside world within us. Each of us carries a worldview. It's stupid to live with a stupid worldview. If we do not have a holistic understanding of reality and ourselves, we are stupid beings. We are usually not fully responsible for our stupidity. A lot of media exists with the mission to leave consumers even more stupid than before.

A stupid consumer is better than a wise one, the former asks less and buys more.

Nature invented observation, brains, information, biology, and humans. Humans invented computers. Computers are doing the same as a brain, just more mechanic and primitive. Nevertheless, computers are fantastically powerful.

Computers beat humans by far in:

  • Speed of calculation
  • Complexity of calculation
  • Exactness of calculation
  • Data-storage and never forgetting
  • Availability 24/7 everywhere

Computers are great tools, if they are build well and good software is running on them, offering useful applications.

Being a user of computers and computer networks must be empowering, not limiting or disrespectful. An IT that is not in the interest of humanity and life was a bad invention. Looking at violence, porn, gambling, and also looking at bad operating systems, broken standards, incompatibilities, and useless frameworks, I claim, IT needs to improve!

Here, you find information about information. Especially about good information technology that helps us to observe more and deeper wisdom. Find out about my long time project called EXALOT. Be informed and inspired!

Your Worldview is My World

So far, my whole life was focused on philosophy, the love for wisdom. Yes, I love wisdom. I have a great love story with philosophy. Much mental masturbation provided me many orgasms in form of epiphanies. The feeling of having understood reality is very sexy. Having a clear idea about the world helps. A well structured 'living worldview' is so much better than just some fragmented knowledge given by mainstream education and media. I trust the eternal and this trust has a quality of limitlessness.

It's all about trust. This is where all pursuit leads me to: Trust!

In this section, you will find a lot of philosophic information - all that I consider as relevant. Relevant philosophy has some clear characteristics. The question is: What is relevant to life and to human life in specific?

  • Does it provide concrete answers and steps forward in daily human life?
  • Is it feasible, does it provide answers suiting a world of conflict? (politics, religion, injustice, ...)
  • Does it integrate nature and all known history in a holistic big picture?
  • Does it consider the principle of infinity at any single moment?

All relevant philosophy is pragmatic, but not all pragmatic philosophy is relevant. Because the technology of philosophy is always some sort of communication between humans, it all comes down to one thing: Worldviews!

Relevant philosophy helps humans to develop and maintain beautiful worldviews, providing us good lives.

You know what worldview means?! It's like an organ we carry with us. It is a huge collection and network of all our knowledge of our life. We forget single events but we do not forget the general principle. Our worldview is a functional model of the outside world as we experience it. Our brain holds a system of deep understandings from present, childhood, prenatal times, and from our ancestry back until the beginnings of life on Earth. Our DNA is a wonderful manifestation of millions of years of wisdom.

Living with a worldview is so normal that many of us do not care about it. Many have never even heard the word 'worldview' before. We all have a worldview and everyone who understands humans knows that. Politics, industry and media know that. The religion's main business is to manifest worldviews. The western worldview is kept capitalistic, consumeristic, and individualistic.

Those who took responsibility for their worldviews know how hard it is to break out of previous conditionings.

Relevant philosophy is about worldview hygienics. Of course, people feel insecure if their worldviews are dirty or fragmented. Not having a clear understanding of reality does not help people to trust themselves, others, and the world around them. In fact, those millions of unconscious, mainstream people suffer from fear, mistrust, isolation, hopelessness, and depression. Too many people flee into distraction, addiction, and even suicide. We have a relevant problem here!

Relevant philosophy helps you to change the world - your world, your worldview.

That's my offer, because I love you as much as I love everything, the eternal. Many people are grateful for the astonishing help given by relevant understandings. I call you forward to care for your world and create a beautiful one. We all live in all our worldviews, it matters so much.

Some major risks for a healthy worldview:

  • Fascinating information that does not relate to reality as understood before. e.g., aliens
  • Specialization on only a few topics of life and not being open for different things.
  • Never traveling, never changing the lifestyle, never switching perspectives.
  • Not rebelling in puberty and generally not rebelling against whatever disturbs.
  • All sort of drama, especially social and sexual ones and especially in childhood.
  • Not having time living with children, great humans, elders, and idols.

I want to see these risks are minimized by strategy and convention. All idealists of all times show some similarity in their message. We want a world of happy children and where adults still can live like children, be rebelling and changing. We want free spirits. We all know in our heart that we do not need limits and stupidity. Even people who have accepted a world of a gray daily routine can break out at any moment. We all have seen the infinite light, we all remember it deep within ourselves. We all want it.

A healthy beautiful holistic worldview is like an everlasting light shining within us.

Some attributes of a good worldview:

  • Openness for everything and everyone, friendly and inviting.
  • Understanding the simplicity of nature.
  • Understanding the self within the eternal.
  • A realistic and non-fixated self-understanding in detail.
  • Inspired playfulness, some wildness, and some calm.
  • Ever-learning, ever-changing, ever-growing.

Relevant philosophy is not romantic. It is not blue-eyed. It is aware of the big challenges we face. We are still not in a world where beautiful worldviews are normal. The worse a person's worldview becomes, the harder it is to reach the person. Someone who has corrupted the fundamental natural laws in himself can be very, very hard to heal. In heavy cases, usually even the willingness to look at sick worldviews is not there. We all are carrier of the light and we influence each other. Too many sick people in one place can not help each other any more. If worldviews are degenerating, escalation and war can be the result.

Nature has a great self-healing power. We are nature. I hope my relevant philosophy helps. Feel welcome to consult me if you need healing for your worldview. I love to change worlds. Sometimes, a small relevant talk can move mountains.

It is okay to want to be wise. A wise person does not harm anyone. Think twice and be wise! Three qualities identify a wise person:

  • Abundance of humor
  • Balance: not taking anything personal
  • Simplicity in expression

Welcome in the abundant universe of relevant philosophy!

All (=) Love!

Truthful Media Rocks!

Information is so abundant and available in our globalized world. Much of it is shit. The criteria for good media is truthfulness. Even good entertainment is truthful in some sense. No one wants a complete fake - at least some rest of illusion of truthfulness is kept.

We want media truthful and it may have some relevance. The relevance can be to teach something, to be entertaining, or just to be good for relaxation.

Good media is truthful and relevant.

Here comes non-fiction, which seems of high quality to me. The media you find here is selected.

Bad media can be a serious danger to our understanding of the world, unless the consumer does have the criticism needed. Stupid industries produce stupid media, using intelligent people for stupid purposes. Either be able to realize which media is stupid or take care with media. Psychologists, marketing specialists, producers, and designers know very well about the law of attraction.

Good media offers space for perspectives, tries to be complete in its meaning, and easy to understand. High quality media is astonishing and real and leaves us a bit cleverer than before. Many great media productions are available and much too often, they receive much too little attention. Let me present you with some of my golden nuggets.

Decide yourself. And have fun!!