Making Change Together

Millions of people of all classes are questioning the present systems. Are you one of them?

Being out of the mainstream is becoming very in.

How can I tell you how much is already going on? You will find a universe of links here. But presenting you with hundreds of websites might not be the best help I can offer. Let me try to sketch what it can mean to you becoming a change-maker.

  • Are you doing the work you want to do?
  • Is your full potential available to the world as much as you want to share it?
  • Are you living the way you want to (e.g., housing, food, environment)?
  • Are you surrounded by people who understand and support you?

Maybe your answer is a no. Maybe you wanted to rebel for years, you want to change something, maybe you don't even know what. Maybe you feel so much love in your heart and you don't know how to express it, who to tell.  Maybe you work in an industry destroying the planet but you love nature and want a beautiful planet of abundance for you and your family and for everyone.

Yes, it is possible to make a big change. Basically, by saying Yes to a new way of living. I could not get away without using this famous quote:

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller

Okay, but building a new model is a bit much for one person alone. You must have thought already that maybe a new world is already taking shape somewhere and the majority simply were never informed. This is the truth.

You are not alone. Maybe you already have started an initiative and you feel unsupported? Maybe you want to break out but without having to fear loosing money, security, and property? Maybe you don't know how? Maybe no one is here to help you?

Many have done it already. Many found the way already. No need to sacrifice anything - abundance is waiting for you!

The main obstacle against more popularity to live new ways is the top obstacle in all areas of life: Fear! The leaders know how to control masses: By keeping people in a constant subconscious fear. 

Find your fear! You dont want to lose your job? You would not risk your reputation? You have worked so hard to become so respected in the role you play, the role you maybe hate? You cannot change anything because your life works as it is? You are too old already?

Oh, man! You know what it means not to make a change? Nothing will change! Maybe the whole crisis is just growing worse and worse and that's the only change you will face by keeping doing what you are doing.

Let yourself be inspired. Give your unique life a chance! Make a change, be part of a global community of change-makers. Find out that it is possible and find out how many gifts are waiting for those who make the step. Make your choice!

We are your friends! Supporting others to make a change is an honor to us. Become one of us. We are everywhere. Find us. Give us a chance to welcome you into the life you want. Feel the trust of being with others sharing all this love. 

I am personally here for you! At my website, you find many links and resources to help you make the step. Yes, go for it. You can also contact me and get a personal consultancy. Each new change-maker is another chance for this planet. That's worth it. Welcome home!

PS: The change-maker movement has no characteristics of 'sect' or 'religion' so far. There is no 'hidden concept' as far as I know. And we will do everything to keep it that open, free, and welcoming.