Architecture Makes a Change

Words and books can hardly change a single person. To change the world, co-create places where new lifestyles can be experienced firsthand.

The relevance of good buildings and environments cannot be over-estimated in my eyes. Why is architecture so important?

  • The structures we live in are shaping our daily life. Lifestyles make buildings and buildings make lifestyles.
  • The building industry is the biggest of all - having the highest turnover and a huge environmental impact.
  • The cost of building and housing is the biggest expense factor and financial challenge for people and families all around the world.
  • The potential to manifest change in the world trough intelligent ways of building is amazing.

Having open pluralistic cultures in mind, we can retrieve building guidelines from that. What makes good architecture good?

  • Orientation on environmental conditions like sun, wind, weather and seasons.
  • Flexibility in utilization. All kinds of people over many generations may like the buildings.
  • Healthy materials for healthy living and a sustainable life cycle of the buildings. 
  • Combination of low cost and high quality. Affordable natural luxury.
  • Simplicity: Regional materials and manual labor to minimize cost and maximize regional benefits.
  • Minimizing of maintenance costs, running costs and service costs. Above all, energy efficiency

A house that is not oriented to the sun can not be a good house. In cold climates, we want cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. In tropical climates, we always want shade and coolness. All good houses have an intelligent water managenent and their structures keep dry and breathable.  Well done buildings can resist earthquakes and storms and have a huge lifespan of over a hundred years.

Impossible? Just a dream? Well, see examples that prove the concept. There exist hundreds of millions of terrible houses, so many that we cannot believe humanity could do so wrong. But there also exist ten thousands of best practice examples, showing us what high quality of life can mean and how cheap we can attain it.

Build good and life is good. Neighbors and guests will be inspired and you make a real change. Maybe you can even build without a loan, thanks to all what nature and simplicity offer. 

Low cost and high quality are wonderful siblings! Get inspired!