My Vision is a Vision for the Planet

I might be a dreamer, but I am not the only one!

My goal is to show you answers to the question of a future for this planet. Who has not heard of climate-change? Who is not concerned by poverty? Who still believes in the global markets? Who seriously thinks the financial sector serves people?

After years of trying to make change, I have answers now. I know solutions. I understand them and I trust them. The goal of this website is to share this little big light with you!

I am an advocate for truth, a lover of the sun, and an evangelist for community lifestyles. This website is a personal website and reflects my nature of being. A mix of philosopher, IT-professional, regionalist, and globalist. The website might seem contradictory, but, in fact, it carries a holistic concept.

Maybe my pages can touch you or even inspire you