10. Nov. 2016 Things go well

It feels like a long time I am here already, and, wow, its 2 weeks nearly. Thats quite some piece out of my 12 weeks I got to be in India. I am not sure if I want to travel around or just stay in Auroville. If I go to travel I propably visit Hampi and/or Goa. Maybe I do that around New Year, I will see.

My new computer arrived and is set up. Not so bad for a 300 Euro made in India, but also not really good. I miss my ASUS Zenbook. But I can do waht I have to do with this one. It has a 15 inch display, the biggest I ever had for a laptop.

I am happy here, people and nature treats me well. The animals are so nice and not very afraid of humans it seems. Even the birds come very near sometimes. When I settled at my little house (see pictures below) hundreds of birds came as they would say hello to me.

Well, I have all kind of troubles still. The Internet at my place doesnt work. A SIM Card is not responding. My bicycle needed some repairs and so on. India keeps one busy. And, it's not all cheap here. The European style food is crazy expensive. A tiny can of sardines is about 3 Euro for example.

Al in all, I am doing great and I am looking forward. At Saturday a 5 day workshop about the grammar of Sanskrit starts. I need Sanskrit for EXALOT, at least that is my vision to make it the core language of the library. (Of course direct transaltions to English (and any language) will exist.) So, actually I should do some studies to be prepared for the workshop.