My Vision is a Vision for the Planet

I might be a dreamer, but I am not the only one!

My goal is to show you answers to the question of a future for this planet. Who has not heard of climate-change? Who is not concerned by poverty? Who still believes in the global markets? Who seriously thinks the financial sector serves people?

After years of trying to make change, I have answers now. I know solutions. I understand them and I trust them. The goal of this website is to share this little big light with you!

I am an advocate for truth, a lover of the sun, and an evangelist for community lifestyles. This website is a personal website and reflects my nature of being. A mix of philosopher, IT-professional, regionalist, and globalist. The website might seem contradictory, but, in fact, it carries a holistic concept.

Maybe my pages can touch you or even inspire you


The more that I give...

The more that I give, the more I have to give.

Volunteering for a cultural association, playing the waiter, I once found out an interesting truth: The one who serves is the one who leads. Serving makes leaders.

I am happy with my skills, trained over 15 years serving for a better place. Before I became changemaker I worked in a research lab after attending a university and a higher technological college.


IT-skills on many levels: microprocessor, Unix, Windows, mobile, frameworks, database engineering, web, human-computer-interaction and knowledge management
Focus on IT-needs for NGO's and communities: Contact management, internal IT-infrastructure, online interaction, social media, newsletter, etc.
German (native), English (elaborating), Spanish (satisfactory)
Collective leadership: Organisational structures, decision making, social tools. 
Natural solar passive and tropical architecture. Solar-thermal applications. Appropriate technology.
Networking, culture and fair economy, entrepreneurship.
Philosophy and philosophical healing









A Change-maker Among Millions

Ernesto was born into a conservative family in Austria and struggled a lot with the culture imposed on him. Even if he and his four siblings did live in happiness and abundance he developed a strong inner sense to rebel against all which felt mainstream. At age of 13, his life had a radical change by meeting the family of his new best friend. The parents were alternative travelers living an open and welcoming spirit. And they were part of a regional community of eco-farmers. From then on, Ernesto was little found at his old home.

More and more, he grew into alternative lifestyles but also kept doing a higher technological college for IT and economy, went to university and became engineer. His life was a quest to unite the best of high-tech and nature. Uniting alleged contradictions into a holistic openness became his goal. He became activist in the regional farmers’ cooperative, in the Rainbow movement and further in the ecovillage movement. His love to philosophy kept him on a clear line, focusing on community, solar (thermal) power, and truth. For Ernesto, spirituality is a basic need of life and has to do with connection, openness, and truthfulness.

As a long time activist, he gathered a broad knowledge always connected to the absolute truth, which is in the center and surrounding of his worldview. Years of discussing the absolute truth with individualists, nihilists, and hedonists made him a confident speaker and writer. He uses any occasion to share the absolute truth, which is the simple existence of the eternal everything. He combines being a highly abstract philosopher and database engineer with hands-on action. E.g. natural building.

His work as IT-professional at the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) provided him good insight into the international community scene. He knew that he will either help building up an ecovillage in his homeland or he would join one of the existing top projects. Ernesto made several attempts in building an ecovillage in Austria but the projects never worked out as he hoped. Knowing and loving Nicaragua from a 14 month civil service when he was 18 years old, he always kept connected to this tropical country.